The Aichi D3A1 (or Navy Type 99) was a two-seat carrier or land-based dive-bomber. Referred to as Val by the Allied forces, it served a critical role in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Over 1,500 D3As were built (aggregate of all versions), but by the end of World War II, many of the remaining aircraft were relegated to kamikaze and training roles. The ‘Val’ could reach a maximum speed of 239 mph, weighed 5,309 pounds empty (its maximum take-off weight was 8,047 pounds), and was armed with three 7.7 mm machine-guns (two Type 97 and one Type 92) and three bombs (two 132-pound bombs and one 551-pound bomb).
Aichi D3A1 Val

Aichi D3A1 Val

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Diecast, beautifully detailed replica in 1/102 scale. Stand included