The Brewster F2A Buffalo, the U.S. Navy's first monoplane shipboard fighter, saw brief combat service during the first half-year of the Pacific War. Built in 1936-38, Brewster's XF2A-1 prototype replaced the Grumman F3F biplane fighter. Due to production problems, F2A-1s began to join USS Saratoga's Fighting Squadron Three (VF-3) in late 1939 with only eleven entering Navy service. It had a poor service record with the US navy and the remaining aircraft were modified and sold to Finland. There they served with considerable success against Soviet aircraft during 1941-44 and against the Germans in 1944-45. Other versions of the F2A were subsequently employed against the Japanese by the British Royal Air Force and the Netherlands East Indies Army Air Corps.

Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo Balsa Kit

Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo Balsa Kit

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Balsa wood scale model, beautifully detailed replica.
Wingspan 30"

Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo Balsa Kit. Over 80 Laser Cut Parts Over the past several years Dumas has changed the way people think about free flight models. Our selection of subjects, fall together laser cut parts, and clear concise plans makes building fun.