The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was built in greater quantities than any other U.S. bomber of World War II. The prototype model was produced by the Consolidated Aircraft Corp, with the first XB-24 taking to the air on Dec. 29, 1939. Over 18,000 Liberators were built during the war. Of all the European operations in which B-24s were involved, the initial raid on the Ploesti oil refinery in southern Rumania on Aug. 1, 1943 was by far the most dramatic because it was heavily defended by anti-aircraft guns as well as squadrons of German Luftwaffe and Royal Rumanian Air Force Fighters. Of the 164 B-24s engaged, 53 were shot down or lost enroute, 23 were forced down and only 88 returned to base.
Consolidated B-24D Ploesti

Consolidated B-24D Ploesti

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Product Description

Desktop Model Consolidated B-24D Liberator Ploesti Raid (Pink)
Scale 1/62 Wing Span 21.3" Length 12.8"
This model is made of select kiln-dried Philippine mahogany wood and comes with a stand.