The Curtiss P-40B was the best US fighter at the time of Pearl Harbor and it blazed across the skies of China in the hands of the famous Flying Tigers. They were officially the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force and were composed of pilots from the United States. They were commanded by Claire Lee Chennault from 1941 to 1942, flying with Chinese colors but were under American control. The group consisted of three fighter squadrons of around 30 aircraft each with a mission to defend China against Japanese forces. The group first saw combat on 20 December 1941, 12 days after Pearl Harbor. AVG pilots earned official credit for destroying 296 enemy aircraft, while losing only 14 pilots in combat. This beauty captures all that excitement, from the shark-mouth nose to the pilot figure. Features: Flying Tigers markings, detailed cockpit.

Curtiss P-40B 'Tigershark'

Curtiss P-40B 'Tigershark'

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Product Description


Curtiss P-40B 'Tigershark'
RAF, AVG and USAAF decals.
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/48
Decals for three aircraft; water activated decals contain national markings, aircraft identification letters, and aircraft artwork.
Detailed 1/48th scale plastic kit for static display.
61 parts in olive drab and clear with raised rivets and panel lines.
Detailed cockpit interior - canopy may be posed open or closed.
Rotating propellor and main wheels.
One centerline drop tank included.
Manufacturer: Revell-Monogram