“The Curtiss R3c is perhaps the finest American air racer of the 1920’s. In 1925 it won both the Pulitzer Trophy and Schneider Cup and set a world speed record. Though it now resides in the National Air & Space Museum there are rumors that this “thoroughbred of the Skies was used at one time for illicit activities. Evidence suggests that a R3c, converted to fighter configuration, was part of an aerial pirate group that scourged the Adriatic during the summer of 1929. This part of the R3c’s history is shrouded in mystery. ”
Curtiss R3C-0 Schneider Cup Racer

Curtiss R3C-0 Schneider Cup Racer

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Curtiss R3C-0 Schneider Cup Racer
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/72
Manufacturer: Fine Molds