Hundreds of C-54s were on hand at the end of the war and so when the Russians closed all ground access to Berlin they were the major aircraft used during the Berlin Airlift of 1948. The most memorable use of the C-54 was as a 'Candy Bomber.'

Parachutes were made by the crews and their families, handkerchiefs were donated and even made from actual parachutes. Candy manufacturers donated chocolates and 23 tons of candy was collected by school children in Massachusettes. These were flown to Westover AFB and then to Rhein-Main in Germany. Naturally, the military made regulations for the parachutes. They were to be 15 inches square and attached to each candy bar by four pieces of string, each 16 inches long. Each parachute had a note requesting its return to an MP for reuse.

Douglas C-54 Berlin Airlift

Douglas C-54 Berlin Airlift

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Douglas C-54 Skymaster Berlin Airlift Candy Bomber
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/144
Manufacturer: Minicraft Model