Little different from the biplanes of First World War and totally obsolete by Second World War, the Fairey Swordfish remarkably remained operational until after 1945. Slow and almost defenceless, it was a successful torpedo bomber against light opposition. Swordfish crippled the Italian fleet at Taranto and helped to sink the German battleship Bismarck. Its main advantages were strength, ease of maintenance, and viceless flying qualities. Swordfish could be flown from aircraft carriers, even in rough seas. By the end of 1941, the wartime Swordfish was confined mainly to anti-submarine operations.

Fairey Swordfish Mk I-III - Sale 35% Off

Fairey Swordfish Mk I-III - Sale 35% Off

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Fairey Swordfish Mk I/III
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/72
68 Pieces
Manufacturer: Revell Monogram

Sale 35% Off
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