Initially designed as an anti-aircraft weapon, the Flak 18 first saw use against ground targets during the Spanish Civil war where, quite accidentally it was found that the gun was very effective against armored vehicles. As a result, the Flak 18 became the standard anti-tank weapon of the German Army although it was cumbersome to transport and aim because it was initially intended as a stationary weapon.

German 88 mm Gun Flak 18

German 88 mm Gun Flak 18

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Product Description


German 88 mm Gun Flak 18
Plastic model kit.
95 Pieces
Scale 1/72
Manufacturer: Hasegawa Models

Add detail to your military diorama with this 3.3" long Flak Gun plastic model kit, complete with four variously posed figures plus shells and spent casings. The gun can elevate and rotate. Wheel units can also be separated from the base if desired.