The Junkers Ju 88 Schnellbomber (fast bomber) was designed to be too fast for fighters to intercept. It was one of the most versatile combat aircraft of World War II. Like a number of other Luftwaffe bombers, it served as a bomber, dive bomber, night fighter, torpedo bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, heavy fighter and at the end of the war, as a flying bomb.

Operation Steinbock was sometimes called the Baby Blitz and was a strategic bombing campaign by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. It targeted southern England and lasted from January to May 1944. Steinbock was the last strategic air offensive by the German bomber arm during the conflict.

Ju 88A Operation  Steinbock

Ju 88A Operation Steinbock

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Ju 88A Luftwaffe Melsbroek, Belgium
Operation Steinbock, February 1944
Scale 1/72
Wing Span 11"
Length 7-3/4"
This model is made of diecast metal and comes with a stand.
Limited edition of 1200.