Referred to as ‘Nick’ by the Allied Forces, the Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu was a two-seat night-fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. A total of 1,698 Ki-45s were built, and they were primarily used for defense purposes. The ‘Nick’ could reach a maximum speed of 339 mph, had a maximum take-off weight of 12,125 pounds (8,818 pounds when empty), and was very effective against the US B-24 Liberator. The armament was different amongst all variants, but there was always a provision for two drop-tanks or two 551-pound bombs on the underwing racks.

Kawasaki KI-45 Toryu 'Nick'

Kawasaki KI-45 Toryu 'Nick'

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Diecast, beautifully detailed replica in 1/109 scale. Stand included