M2 155 mm Long Tom Gun US Army

M2 155 mm Long Tom Gun US Army

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Product Description


M2 155 mm Long Tom Gun US Army
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/72
75 Pieces
Manufacturer: Hasegawa Models

This kit features 75 parts molded in grey with raised and recessed detail. Gun elevates and rotates on base if desired. Wheels rotate and carriage legs swivel. Includes 15 shells for diorama use.

The 155mm "Long Tom" was the backbone of US Artillery during WWII. It could fire a 95 lb. shell a distance of up to 15 miles and was very accurate. Additionally, it could fire at a rate of 40 rounds per hour. The gun could fire high-explosive, armour-piercing, chemical, smoke, and illuminating shells. It was usually mounted on a 10 tired carriage for easy transport. It was also found in self-propelled mounts.