The Sopwith Aviation Company produced the Camel F.1, a famous biplane of World War I. First flown in 1916, The Camel was the most successful fighter plane of the war and difficult to defeat when flown by a skilled pilot. Although highly maneuverable the Sopwith Camel was tricky to fly and more men lost their lives while learning to fly it than did during combat.

Sopwith Camel Model Henry Botterell

Sopwith Camel Model Henry Botterell

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Sopwith Camel Model Henry Botterell
Scale 1/48 length 4.25" Width 176 7"
This model is made of diecast metal and comes with a stand.
Realistic panel lines, paint schemes, antennas and surface details.
Limited Edition 1750 Pieces Worldwide.

Henry Botterell does not qualify as an air Ace - he had only one confirmed kill whereas five are required for official recognition. However, he gained celebrity in his final years as the sole surviving Royal Naval Air Service pilot and the oldest First World War fighter pilot of any nation. when he died in January 2003 aged 106, there were non left. Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1896, he applied to be a civilian pilot and was sent to England for training in 1916. he enlisted with the Royal Naval Air Service No.8 squadron in May 1917 but on only his second flight he crash-landed and sustained multiple injuries. He was discharged from service on medical grounds but en-route back to Canada he met some old chums from No.8 squadron and was persuaded to re-enlist. His old squadron had become No.208 squadron of the newly formed RAF and Botterell flew a variety of aircraft including a staggering 91 sorties in a Sopwith Camel in just 60 days between July and August 1918.