The ungainly looking Fieseler Storch had a low speed handling and short field performance was without equal. It entered Luftwaffe service in 1937 and performed roles of Army cooperation, liaison and reconnaissance. Designed to allow the high mounted wings to fold back in a similar manner to how aircraft are stored on ships, the Storch could either be loaded on a train, or simply towed behind a suitable vehicle. The high wing and unobstructed cockpit meant that the pilot and his observer had an unrivalled view of the battlefield situation below. Used extensively by Rommel during the North African Campaign, the Storch had an incredible stall speed of just 31mph. Perhaps the most famous use of a Storch was when one was used to rescue a surrounded Benito Mussolini from a remote, rocky mountain top.

Fiesler Storch Luftwaffe

Fiesler Storch Luftwaffe

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Fiesler Storch Luftwaffe
Ready-Built Resin Model Building
Scale 1/72
Manufacturer: AirFix Models