Manfred von Richthofen was born on May 2, 1892 in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw Poland). He died on April 21, 1918, age 25, in the skies over Vaux sur Somme, France. His people called him der rote Kampfflieger (The Red Battle-Flyer), The French called him le petit rouge, and he is known in the English speaking world as the Red Baron. In a time of wooden and fabric aircraft, when twenty air victories insured a pilot legendary status and the coveted Pour Le Merite (the famous "Blue Max") , Richthofen had eighty victories, and is regarded to this day as the ace of aces.

The Fokker DR-1 served in the German Air Force during the 1st World War. This triplane gave the German Air Force an airplane with great maneuverability and a high rate of climb. The Fokker's reknown was insured by the exploits of Manfred Von Richthofen. This plane had a 110-hp engine, with a max speed of 103 mph. It carried two 7.92-mm LMG 08/15 machine guns.

Fokker DR.1 Triplane - Manfred Von Richthofen

Fokker DR.1 Triplane - Manfred Von Richthofen

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Diecast, beautifully detailed replica in 1/63 scale. Stand included