Model kit of the highly efficient heavy-lift transport helicopter of the German army, the CH-53 in the GSG version with improved combat efficiency. These helicopters were named CH-53 GSG and, among other things, featured an electronic warfare system for defence against anti-aircraft missiles, as well as a range increase in connection with ground-independent navigation and the capacity to fly at low altitudes at night. Sensor and camera parts for the fuselage

Sikorsky CH-53 GS/G

Sikorsky CH-53 GS/G

Code: RMX3856



Product Description


Sikorsky CH-53 GS/G
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/48
128 Pieces
Manufacturer: Revell Monogram

Decal Versions:
Sikorsky CH-53 GS, HFR 32 Rheine, May 2002
Sikorsky CH-53 G, HFR 35, Mendig/Germany, April 2002