"Bottoms Up II" (B-25J-5 43-27900, 486th BS / 340th BG) was flown by 1Lt. Clarence Morton and operated in the spring of 1944 in Italy and carried out various attacks against German military. During its 39th mission, on 12 March 1944, while attacking a railway bridge near Ora (northern Italy), the aircraft was hit by flak on the right engine, after dropping its bombs. Morton managed to fly "Bottoms Up II" approximately 600 km to the former base of the 486th BS on the island of Corsica. He made an emergency landing in which the aircraft was badly damaged and finally abandoned.

North American B-25J 'Bottoms Up II'

North American B-25J 'Bottoms Up II'

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North American B-25 'Bottoms Up II'
Scale 1/100
This model is made of diecast metal and comes with a stand.