In late 1943, gliding tests were undertaken, with the Me 328 carried aloft by a Dornier Do 217E or launched from a catapult on the ground. These were followed by powered tests with two Argus As 014 pulsejets, as used on the V1 flying bomb. The extreme vibration created by the pulsejets proved highly detrimental to the Me 328's light wooden airframe and two prototypes were destroyed. Various modifications to the prototypes were made to evaluate their suitability for these missions, and different engine configurations, but the vibration problem simply could not be overcome and the program was abandoned in early 1944.

Do 217E + Me 328 Mistel Piggy Back

Do 217E + Me 328 Mistel Piggy Back

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Do 217E + Me 328 Mistel 'Piggy Back'
Scale 1/72
This model is made of diecast metal and comes with a stand.