Like all other TIE designs, this model also comes from the Sienar Fleet Systems company. The TIE Interceptor was created in response to the successful X-wing Fighter from the Rebel Alliance and compared to the TIE standard fighter offers higher speed and greater fire-power. It is recognizable by the hexagonal solar wings on its sides. The dagger-like wings give the agile interceptor a striking appearance and provide the pilot with a much better view to each side. The spherical cockpit is similar to the standard TIE model, pilots thus avoid long-term training and can quickly move from one type to another. As usual, the central cockpit is connected by two arms to the solar cell covered wings on either side. Since the interceptor was developed relatively late on, one TIE Interceptor was usually deployed with a Squadron of 12 TIE fighters. Although it was initially numerically rarer the interceptor was one of the Empire's fastest fighters, and in this respect was only surpassed by Darth Vader's Fighter.
Star Wars Tie Interceptor

Star Wars Tie Interceptor

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Product Description


No painting and gluing required.
Multicolored painted parts.
Quick snap together assembly.
Length: 3-5/16" (84.13mm)
Wingspan: 3-1/16" (77.78mm)
Height: 2-3/8" (60.32mm)
Skill level: 1
Parts: 21