The early P-47s were 'razorback' canopy configuration with a tall fuselage spine behind the pilot, but resulted in poor visibility to the rear. The British then devised an all-round vision 'bubble canopy' for the Hawker Typhoon. The USAAF quickly adapted it to American fighters, including the P-51 and the Thunderbolt. The first P-47 with a bubble canopy was a modified P-47D-5 completed in the summer of 1943.

Republic P-47B Thunderbolt - Razorback

Republic P-47B Thunderbolt - Razorback

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Product Description

Desktop Model Republic P-47B Thunderbolt "Razorback"
Scale 1/32 Wing Span 15 3/16 Length 13 5/8
This model is made of select kiln-dried Philippine mahogany wood and comes with a stand.