One of the most important starships in interstellar history, Enterprise (NX-01) was the peak point of the NX Project. The NX-01 was the first NX class starship, launched by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. Enterprise established United Earth as a legitimate interstellar power and caused a wholesale revolution in Alpha and Beta Quadrant politics, paving the way for the creation of the United Federation of Planets ten years later.

Star Trek - USS Enterprise NX-01 (Mirror)

Star Trek - USS Enterprise NX-01 (Mirror)

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Star Trek - USS Enterprise NX-01 (Mirror)
Scale 1/2500
Plastic Display model. Approximate length is 5"

USS Enterprise NX-01
Class: NX-class
Registry: NX-01
Affiliation: United Earth Starfleet
Status: Decommissioned (2161)