Protecting the skies and space around Naboo is the N-1 starfighter. Its sleek design exemplifies the philosophy of art and function witnessed throughout Naboo technology. Its twin radial J-type engines are capped in gleaming chrome and trail long delicate-looking finials behind the ship's single-pilot compartment. Behind the pilot sits a standard astromech droid, plugged into an abbreviated, ventrally-fed socket which requires the droid to compress slightly in order to fit within the vessel's curves. The fighter features twin blaster cannons, twin fire-linked torpedo launchers, and a capable automatic pilot feature.

The Naboo N-1's spaceframe is handcrafted by the Theed Palace Space Vessel division, and its high tech interior components come from a wide variety of offworld sources. Twin J-type Nubian-221 engines propel the craft at sublight speeds. These are specially configured to reduce pollution in Naboo's environment. A Nubian Monarc C-4 hyperdrive increases the ship's range once astrogation coordinates are supplied by an R2 unit or similar. The compact hyperdrive is especially useful when N-1 fighters serve as the Queen's Honor Guard on visits to other planets.

The central trailing finial serves as a conduit for power and computer data. Theed Palace's hangar bays have specially designed revetment areas into which an N-1 plugs when docked. Large transformers in the hangar complex deliver a high-voltage power charge to activate the fighter's many systems. The palace battle computer delivers coded battle coordinates and strategic plans into the fighter's computer and automatic pilot.

As Naboo is a peaceful world, the N-1's mission profile covers planetary defense sorties, patrols, and formal diplomatic escort missions.

Star Wars - Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Star Wars - Naboo N-1 Starfighter

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Star Wars - Naboo N-1 Starfighter
Scale 1/144
Plastic Display model. Approximate length is 5"