The Sopwith F.1 Camel was developed to replace the Sopwith Pup. Camels began to enter the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service in the middle of 1917 and met with immediate success. Although mainly used in western Europe, Camels also served in Italy. Some Camels were assigned to home defence, with the cockpit positioned further back and guns placed on the upper wings. The 2F.1 Camel was produced for the RNAS with more powerful engines and modified armament. A total of 5 490 Camels were built.

The name “Camel” was derived from the hump-shaped cover over the machine guns. In order to combat Zeppelins, 2F.1 Camels were flown from barges towed behind destroyers, from platforms on the gun turrets of larger ships as well as from early aircraft carriers. A 2F.1 successfully flew after being dropped from an airship, an experiment testing an airship’s ability to carry its own defensive aircraft. An armoured trench-fighting version was flown, but did not go into production.

Sopwith Camel F.1 RFC 1918

Sopwith Camel F.1 RFC 1918

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Sopwith Camel F.1 RFC 1918
Authentic decals/Detailed cockpit
interior/ Engine compartment
Plastic model kit.
Scale 1/32
Manufacturer: Academy Models